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Connecticut is home to a diversity of citizens and job seekers from all backgrounds. There may be additional programs that are suitable for you below.
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Immigrants and Refugees
Find job training, education, and other resources if you’re an immigrant or refugee in CT.
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Justice Involved
If you or someone you know was formerly incarcerated, find tools to get job training and a new career.
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Low Income Families
CT state and federal programs offer help to families who are learning and working. Learn more.
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Persons with Disabilities
Explore job training and job placement services available if you have a disability.
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Older Adults
Explore job training, part-time work placement and other services for people over 65.
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Veterans and Military
Find job placement and career help if you or someone in your family is a US veteran.
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Explore services available just for women looking for work or to upskill in STEAM and other careers.
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Young Adults and Minors
Learn what education or job training is available in CT. Or find a new job or internship.
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Returning to Employment
If you’ve been out of work due to family illness, military leave, or partial retirement, learn what jobs and training are available.